Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sri Lanka-Best place for a space port

According to the Recently  released a gravity map of the world[bbc] Sri Lanka is in the middle of the lowest 
gravitational areas. The darkest of blue indicates the lowest gravitational pull while yellow the highest. As you can see its directly on the southern side of sir lanka. Its known fact that Sri Lankan government is building a multi million dollar port in the same area. However it seems Sri Lanka might also be the best place to build a space port in the future.Gravity is responsible for pulling things towards earth  we are lucky to have it in sufficent amounts unless we are planing to leave the earth. Gravitational pull is the main obstacle preventing us from venturing in to the space.According to many scientists survival of our own species merely depends on interplanetary travel. Someone has to make a colony in the moon , mars or beyond.  In such time we may need to send people or huge amounts of payloads to the skies. There may even be exports and imports  to and fro between planets. Even if the difference of the gravitational pull is fractional,When sending millions of tons to space  a fraction of a saving may save lots of energy . Arthur C Clarke's science fiction fountains of paradise describes of Sri Lanka being the place of worlds first space elevator. Space elevator is a concept which makes traveling to space cheaper than ever. Idea of space elevator  is straight forward,  fix a cable to the ground and the other end to a geosynchronous satellite use the weight of descending elevators to pull the ascending elevators making the net pull energy very low .  Having the lowast gravitational pull and being near to the equator makes   Sri Lanka   the best place for a future space port or the space elevator.

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Shaun Kwong said...

Traveling into space will be future vertical transportation engineering focus. Sri Lanka can have partners building a launch pad since it has the lowest gravitational advantage. Elevator Malaysia